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Why the tuxedo is a timeless hero in uncertain times

What a difference a year makes. The men at 2022’s Oscars might have made headlines for all the wrong reasons – The Slap still reverberating around Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre – but the men’s fashion was pretty standout, from the subtle burgundy velvet of Andrew Garfield’s suiting to Timothée Chalamet in spangly Louis Vuitton sans shirt. 

But this year a return to tradition and form was the theme for the best-dressed men making their presence felt alongside the sumptuous gowns.

Classic black tie in the form of the tuxedo was the dress code of the evening for Hollywood’s leading men. Nothing shocking there – black tie is the dress code after all – but it’s not been taken so literally in years, as shocks of bold colour, spangly coats in place of jackets and a more louche approach spoke to the more experimental realms of men’s fashion. 

This year, there was no such frightening the fashion horses; Best Actor nominee Austin Butler in a black razor-sharp Saint Laurent tuxedo, Paul Mescal in a soft-fit monochrome version by Gucci, Michael B Jordan in a stately black Louis Vuitton tux and Andrew Garfield – he of occasional red carpet theatrics – in a classic black Fendi ensemble.

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