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WATCH | Internet hails season 2 of ‘Dog Vs Monkey’ clash in India’s Rajasthan

The internet’s hall of fame often gets peppered with visuals of bizarre animal fights breaking the viral ceiling of social media. In one such video which is currently making rounds on Twitter, a monkey in Jaipur city of India’s Rajasthan can be seen taking away a pup with itself.

The video was shared on Twitter by journalist Manoj Sharma, which soon became a viral moment on the micro-blogging site. “Jaipur: In Gangaur market, a monkey took away a Dog’s pup,” video’s caption read. 


The video is attributed to be from a popular market in Jaipur city of Western India’s Rajasthan state, over 300 kilometers southwest of India’s national capital New Delhi. 

In the video, a monkey can be seen taking the hold of a pup as bystanders on the road watch in awe. The monkey then jumps over walls and moves the pup away with itself.

“It seems the S2 (season 2) is about to begin,” a user’s comment in reply to the viral tweet can be translated as saying. Its predecessor is widely referred to an incident from Maharashtra’s Beed district last year, when Monkeys and dogs were reported to be at war after a few dogs allegedly killed a monkey infant which resulted in a counter-attack from monkeys at dogs, resulting in absolute mayhem in the area. 

“Now the dog and monkey fight will start again,” reacted another user. “The Gangwar is on the way,” wrote a third user. 

“I wish Monkeys could read the news. They would have known that a previous season of the clash between Dogs and Monkeys was fought. Having known the results, this monkey would not have done this act (of taking away the dog’s pup),” a fourth user’s comment can be translated as saying. 

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Earlier last year, users had expressed concern about the brutal conflict between the animals, while calling upon the authorities to reduce the chances of such conflict by quick intervention. 

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