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Video: Man Beaten Up With Hammer By Woman’s Family For Eloping

Man beaten up by two people in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.


A 22-year-old man was brutally beaten up by a woman’s family members for having an affair and eloping with her in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapur district.

A video of the incident surfaced in which two men can be seen beating up the victim, identified as Pushpak Bhawsar, in the middle of a busy street in Maksi city during the day.

Pushpak Bhawsar was in a relationship with a woman, 22, both residents of Maksi, and they had eloped recently. However, they came back to their respective houses after talking to their families and reaching a compromise.

The woman’s father and brother, allegedly angry over the affair, on Sunday confronted the man while he was out in the market and allegedly started beating him up with hammer-shaped rod.

People witnessing the incident tried to stop the two while some recorded videos on their mobile phones.

The visuals showed the two men hitting him on his hands and legs with the weapon.

Soon after the incident, the Maksi police registered cases against both the accused as well as Pushpak Bhawsar under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Enraged over the police case, Pushpak Bhawsar’s family and members of the Bhawsar community reached the office of the superintendent of police and submitted a memorandum, saying that a case was registered against the alleged victim despite the deadly attack.

“He had gone for a haircut to the market, where the two men reached and dragged him out of the shop. Then they beat him up, hit him on his legs and hands. They had come with the intention to kill him… His hand is fractured and he is critically injured,” said a family member of Mr Bhawsar.

“The police registered cases for both sides, even though we showed them the video… We should get justice, and strict action should be taken against the accused,” he added.

Superintendent of Police Pankaj Shrivastava said a video has surfaced and an investigation will be started in the incident.

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