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Uttarkashi tunnel collapse LIVE Updates: Drilling through debris on hold, Govt says breakthrough in 2-3 days

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE News Updates: In Uttarakhand, the Silkyara tunnel collapsed on November 12, trapping around 41 men. A rescue operation for these trapped workers was put on hold on November 19 as the agencies were involved in preparing for the next stage by adopting multiple approaches to reach the men trapped for the past few days. Stay tuned for Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE News Updates only at LiveMint.

In order to rescue the 41 trapped men, Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation was going to start ‘micro tunneling’ on Sunday night on the Char Dham route from the Barkot end of the under-construction tunnel. On November 17, an American-made heavy-duty auger machine encountered a hard obstacle while boring for about 22 metres through the collapsed debris of 60-metre stretch from the Silkyara end. The boring through the debris has for now been halted.

A series of alternative rescue plans to reach the workers trapped inside the under-construction tunnel are being worked upon. According to officials, a road to the top of the hill has been laid to dig a vertical shaft into the tunnel. Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said a breakthrough is expected in two and a half days.

The built-up portion of the tunnel is about two kilometres and is 8.5 metres high with availability of water and electricity. So far, a 6-inch wide tube has been pushed 39 metres deep into the rubble that would send food and water to the trapped men once it cuts through completely. Stay with LiveMint for Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE News Updates:

20 Nov 2023, 08:06:44 AM IST

Drilling and pipe-laying work to resume again says Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE News Updates: Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said boring horizontally through the debris with the huge auger machine appeared to be the best bet and anticipated a breakthrough in two and a half days. He further added, “Preparations are underway to restart the auger machine and resume drilling and pipe-laying at the tunnel.” 

20 Nov 2023, 08:00:57 AM IST

Food, water, oxygen and medicines being sent through 4 inch wide ‘compressor pipe’

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE News Updates: According to officials, a small four-inch wide “compressor pipe” that runs through the debris and is being used to send in food, water, oxygen and medicines.

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