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Younger Xi Jinping in Joe Biden's phone: Two leaders share nostalgic moment with 38-year-old photo

Pointing to his phone, US President Joe Biden showed a picture to Chinese President Xi Jinping as the two leaders met in San Francisco for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit this week. “Do you know this young man?” Biden asked Xi, to which, the China President replied: “Oh yes…this was 38 years ago.”

In another tweet, Chunying shared an image of Biden and Xi laughing and sharing the nostalgic moment as the US President held a phone in his hand.

“Pointing to a photo in his phone with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, President Biden asked President Xi, “Do you know this young man?” “Oh yes,” said President Xi, “this was 38 years ago.”,” Hua Chunying tweeted.

“You haven’t changed a bit!” Biden reportedly said as the two leader broke into a cheerful laughter.


According to Xinhua news agency, the incident happened at the entrance of a banquet hall of Filoli Estate.

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