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Moment taxi driver crosses the road to avoid Just Stop Oil on another slow march as annoyed motorist revs his engine to hurry up the eco clowns

  • Protest group blocking the roads near Trafalgar Square this morning 
  • Cabbie crosses the road near the Equestrian Statue roundabout to   
  • Did you witness this morning’s events? email Frankie.Elliott@MailOnline.co.uk  

This is the moment a furious taxi driver crossed the road to avoid a Just Stop Oil protest that was causing problems in London today. 

The disruptive group, which aims to pressure the Government into abandoning fossil fuel once and for all, took to the streets near Trafalgar Square this morning to block the roads and anger motorists. 

One black cab driver clearly did not have time for these eco-warriors and can be seen driving across the footpath onto the other side of the road at the Equestrian Statue roundabout, near the National Gallery. 

The cabbie manages to go round the picket line and drive away into freedom. 

The other motorists were not so lucky and can be seen revving their engines and honking their horns in frustration, as the group of  16 protesters, wearing the classic orange Hi-Vis and holding their logo banners, disrupt their everyday lives. 

The disruptive The disruptive group, which aims to pressure the Government into abandoning fossil fuel once and for all, took to the streets near Trafalgar Square this morning to block the road and anger motorists

In the video, a white van driver’s patience grows increasingly thin in the clip, as he creeps forward behind the protest that moves across the roundabout at a snails pace. 

He angrily says out of his window: ‘I don’t see the point mate. We hate more congestion, we hate more pollution and it’s bringing the city to a standstill.’ 

Others members of the public can be heard telling drivers ‘to run them over’, while some are more supportive and tell the protesters to ‘keep it up’. 

Police officers are seen telling then group if they don’t get off the road they will be arrested under Section 7 of the Public Order Action, as they are funneled down the road to Northumberland Avenue.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted this morning: ‘We are arresting Just Stop Oil activists causing disruption in Whitehall. These arrests are being made swiftly so we can release the traffic, which includes an ambulance.’ 

The police confirmed that all 16 activists were arrested and were now on their way to custody.   

Yesterday, Just Stop Oil protesters were seen in west London for 45 minutes without police showing up

The Met Police confirmed that when they did arrive, all 17 Just Stop Oil activists slow marching in Holland Park Road were arrested.

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