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Taliban’s finance ministry tells female staff to stay at home: Report  

If reports are to be believed, the Ministry of Finance has asked its male officials and employees to resume their duties from Saturday. But the female employees have been ordered to stay at home ‘until proper work environment is provided’.  

If the employees do not resume duties, they will be marked as absent and may be fired too.    

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According to the data, there are around 400,000 govt employees, out of which there are 120,000 women, mostly working in the education sector. Around 5,000 Afghan women are also working in the security sector.  

Meanwhile, the Taliban raised its flag on the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul on Saturday. The development comes as the groups strengthens its grip on the country after it took over its control last month.      

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Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, has been also put on high alert as the threat of a possible terror attack looms over the city. The city has been facing the danger of a possible attack from ISIS-K militants.  

This threat has come a little after sources had warned authorities against a possible truck suicide attack in a protest that took place on Thursday.      

(With inputs from agencies) 

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