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Samsung is reportedly working on TWS earbuds that you can take swimming with you

A new Samsung patent application hints at upcoming TWS earbuds with a completely waterproof design. Let’sGo Digital is reporting that the South Korean tech giant has recently filed a patent application that hints at hybrid TWS earbuds with detachable neckband and designed for underwater use.
The patent application, as per the report, was filed by Samsung Electronics with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) on March 3, 2021. The patent was published on September 10 with the title ‘Wearable device that can be worn on ears of the user, and accessory for supporting communication thereof’.
The patent application gives us a glimpse at Samsung’s new take on TWS earbuds with detachable neckband and waterproof design. The new take is all about making the earbuds completely waterproof as currently the Samsung TWS earbuds come with IP68 water and dust resistant rating. This means the earbuds are only good for 30 minutes when submerged up to 1 meter under clean water. After that, it’s most likely that they will get damaged. In fact, it is suggested no to go swimming or deep underwater wearing these earbuds.
Samsung is seeking to change that with its new design. In the post, the design of the earbuds looks exactly similar to Galaxy Buds and the company has also shown off the flexible neckband which attaches to the earbuds to convert them into a neckband style wireless earphones. It appears that Samsung do not want users to lose their earbuds underwater and adding a neckband can ensure that.
The patent application also suggests that the earbuds will come with multiple microphones and sensors and support for two-way speakers. Health features will also be part of the earbuds.
The earbuds will also feature touch controls. This feels a little weird for earbuds that’s designed for underwater use as touch controls are mostly moody and refuse to register a command with even slightly wet or sweaty fingers.
But, it is just a patent and there’s no information whether Samsung is actually planning to launch something like this in the real world anytime soon.

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