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Rishi Sunak's Struggle To Name Cameron's Foreign Achievement Sparks Laughter

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Laughter echoed through the House of Commons when the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, was questioned about David Cameron’s most notable foreign policy success. Mr Cameron, who assumed the position of Foreign Secretary after stepping down as Prime Minister and resigning as a Member of Parliament following the 2016 Brexit referendum, currently serves in the House of Lords.

When Labour MP Kevin Brennan asked him, “What would he say was David Cameron’s finest foreign policy achievement?”

Sunak replied: “There’s many, many to pick from, but what I would say is that under his leadership, this country hosted what was widely considered to be one of the most successful G8 summits of recent times.”

Kevin Brennan shared the moment on X with a caption that read, “Rishi Sunak boasted that David Cameron has unprecedented experience. I asked the PM what he thought was David Cameron’s finest foreign policy achievement. Can he even name one?”

The inquiry arose when Sunak surprised Westminster by appointing David Cameron as the new foreign secretary.

According to the BBC, Rishi Sunak was pressed on his decision to appoint former PM David Cameron as foreign secretary, with MPs raising his association with the Greensill scandal and his former role with a China-UK investment fund. Sunak defended Cameron’s appointment, saying the former prime minister would go through the normal vetting process for ministers and had “unrivalled experience in foreign affairs.”

Sunak said Cameron would go through the normal vetting process, had “unrivalled experience in foreign affairs” and that, under him, the UK “hosted one of the most successful G8 summits of recent times”.

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