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Parliament is hit by IT issue with all computers on the estate down and MPs BLOCKED from checking their own e-mails

All computers on the parliamentary estate are down after a massive IT issue, it emerged today. 

MPs have been blocked from checking their own emails with annunciator screens across the state reading: ‘There is an issue on the Parliamentary IT network and we are working to resolve it’. 

A spokesperson for Parliament said: ‘The IT issue affecting the Parliamentary network has been identified and is being addressed urgently.

Parliament has been hit by an IT issue with MPS blocked from checking their own emails

‘The business of both chambers is unaffected’.

A source told MailOnline: ‘The internet is working fine and as normal but MPs are saying they can’t get into their e-mail accounts.’

It it understood that the IT outage is not believed to have been caused by a cyber-attack. 

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