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New PandO Cruises TV ad campaign launches

Published on Tuesday, September 14, 2021


A new TV advert ‘What a night’ has aired across national broadcasting channels as P&O Cruises resumes international holidays from September 25, 2021.

It was developed in conjunction with creative agency Snap and production company Some Such

The 40 second version of ‘What a night’, features a couple recounting holiday memories from P&O Cruises new ship Iona and will run until November.

Filming for further ads focused on the Mediterranean and Caribbean, is already underway.

Each film will feature real life relationships and will build on P&O Cruises print and multi- channel campaign of ‘Holidays as varied as you’ showcasing different people enjoying their individual experiences.

“We’re proud to be launching this new campaign and ‘What a night’ celebrates and embodies these themes. We will be sharing future versions, each revealing more about the choices to be found on a P&O Cruises holiday,” P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said.

It coincides with P&O Cruises return to international travel later this month as new ship Iona begins holidays to Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands.

The company also looks forward to the forthcoming launch of new ship Arvia in December 2022.

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