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James Van Der Beek says he has got best TV momma on planet: ‘Ever since my mother died, she makes cookies on birthday’

James Van Der Beek took to Instagram and shared a video of the cookies received by on screen mother of Dawson’s Creek, Mary-Margaret Humes. He shared she still holds a significant place in his life after his real mother passed away. The clip shows Van Der Beek’s children sorting through a container of cookies or observing as their older siblings make their first picks. On March 8, he celebrated his 46th birthday as he shared pictures with his children with a long message. (Also read: James Van Der Beek shares unseen picture with his children on birthday: ‘Middle age rocks and 46 trips around the sun’)

Van Der Beek, the actor with six children, shared a video of his offspring on Instagram. The video showed them either sorting through a container of chocolate chip cookies or watching their older siblings choose first. The actor filmed the clip while holding his 15-month-old baby, and laughed as his kids selected their favorite cookies.

Sharing the clip, Van captioned it, “Every year since my mother died @thereal_marymargarethumes makes me cookies and sends them to me on my birthday. I have the best TV momma on the planet.”

James Van Der Beek is blessed to have Mary Margaret Humes as his on screen mother.

James shared a heartwarming photo carousel of his family. The first photo shows him beaming with his six children, Annabel, Olivia, Joshua, Emilia, Gwendolyn, and Jeremiah. He wore a white vest and held his youngest in his arms. The subsequent photos show the family having fun in nature, posing in front of trees, and making silly faces. In another photo, the children pretended to run with pure happiness. The photos radiate love, joy, and togetherness, capturing a delightful moment in the Van Der Beek family. Fans were delighted to see the family enjoying themselves and making the most of their time together.

He also shared a long message, “46 trips around the sun… I’ve been feeling into a new relationship with time, lately. I used to try to bend it to my will: Speed it up, squeeze more into it, short cut it. Or panic at its passing. Or just ignore it altogether. But recently, I’ve found myself happier the more I’m in touch with reverence, and deference to time. Yes, it CAN be stretched. It can fly… But this planet, this dimension, is governed by time: Trees grow at their pace. The earth spins at a near constant. And the more reverence I can find for all of it, the more life becomes a living prayer of appreciation. For life. For nature. For the great cosmic mystery of which we can sometimes can catch the edges.”

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