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Imtiaz Ali: Each time I visit the college, I see they have changed it for the worse

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who was recently in the Capital for the 99th Foundation Day celebrations of Delhi University, had planned a clandestine visit to his alma mater, Hindu College. But, once he entered campus he couldn’t stop himself from spending time there, and was soon discovered!

“I had no plan of visiting Hindu College but as it happens, I was in the area and thought I’ll sneak in quietly and have a look around. This time not even take or post any pictures of it, and keep the visit to myself. However, so was not to be because once I saw the college, I took more and more time and finally was discovered by the vice principal and the principal and then I took pictures,” he smiles.

His days at the college, where he pursued English Hons are special to him, so much so that it almost made him feel resentful towards the way the college has changed over the years. But this time was different, says the 50-year-old, adding, “Each time I visit the college, I see that they have changed it for the worse. This time I realised there was nothing to resent because change is inevitable, and the college and the university are not making changes for the worse. it’s just different from how I remembered it back in my day. I also realised that the more important thing inside me and with the college and campus will never change, those are eternal. I am proud to be part of Delhi University!”

While touring his college, Imtiaz Ali checked out the auditorium where he used to perform theatre during his graduation days, and posted its pictures on his Insta. (Photo: Instagram)

In the current situation where the campus has shifted online, Ali is of the opinion that virtual classes are no way to educate the students. “It is unfortunate that education has become online because of the pandemic, but I’m sure that this time will pass soon and we will be back to taking classes (physically). I congratulate and wish all the best to Delhi University as it plans to go systematically for in-person classes [as part of the phased reopening]. With the correct mentality about safety precautions, I am sure they will be able to make the classes more and more in person,” he adds.

Ask if we will get to see glimpses of DU or Hindu College in his upcoming projects, and the director, who has earlier shot in the varsity for his film Rockstar (2011), states: “I don’t have immediate plans of shooting or placing work in DU in the immediate future. But hopefully soon… I would like to say that there are so many incidents that feature in my stories and movies, which have inspiration from the time I spent in DU. Hindu College in Delhi University is always resplendent upon my works.”

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