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Govinda’s other nephew Vinay Anand praises ‘Sunita maami’ amid family feud, says she’s ‘like mother figure’ to him

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja are caught up in a public feud with his nephew Krishna Abhishek and his wife Kashmera Shah. While Kashmera may have asked ‘who is Sunita’ in a recent interview, Govinda’s other nephew, actor Vinay Anand, had only good things to say about her.

Vinay, who was seen in Amdani Athanni Karcha Rupaiya and many Bhojpuri movies, told a leading daily in an interview that Sunita was like a mother to him. “I have very high regard for Sunita Maami. She pampered us like a mother and gave us so much love that I can’t repay in my whole life. She is like a mother figure to me. She has taken care of me a lot and always supported me,” he said.

Govinda-Sunita and Krushna-Kashmera have been feuding since 2016. Things further escalated in 2018, when Sunita believed Kashmera’s tweet about ‘people who dance for money’ was aimed at Govinda. Kashmera, instead, was upset that Govinda and Sunita never visited their ailing sons at the hospital.

The feud was reignited earlier this month when Krushna refused to be part of a Kapil Sharma Show episode, which featured Sunita and Govinda as guests. Sunita, in an interview, said she does not want to see Krushna’s face ever again. “Three years ago, I had said that things could not be resolved till I am alive. You can’t misbehave, insult or take liberties in the name of family… We have raised them and are not living off them…All I can say is that the issues will never get resolved and I don’t want to see his face ever again in my life,” she had said.

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Later, Kashmera said in an interview to Aaj Tak, “They speak nonsense about Krushna. Maybe there was no need of him on that episode. But who will tell them that. By the way, you should ask me about Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif. Who is this Sunita? I have made my own name and am not known as someone’s wife. So I do not wish to speak about these people at all.”

Krushna, meanwhile, hopes for things to sort out between the families.

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