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Diet chart for patients, children isolation ward: How NCI Jhajjar is prepared to fight third Covid wave

With the third wave of Covid-19 hitting the country, there is an alarming surge in cases related to Delta and Omicron variants. While thousands of patients are being hospitalised for treatment, the severity level has been low but the positivity rate is rising at a very high speed.

To understand the situation, India Today assessed the ground situation from inside the Covid/Omicron ward of AIIMS (NCI) in Haryana’s Jhajjar.

Patients infected with Omicron and Delta variants are under observation and treatment is being given to them. According to doctors, the condition of patients is not as serious as it was during the first and second waves. However, about three to four patients are hospitalised daily.

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To tackle the third wave, a special team of doctors and nurses have been deployed to monitor the condition of patients on an individual basis. Also, NCI Jhajjar is also preparing a diet chart according to the patient’s requirements. The patient is provided time-to-time daily treatment on the basis of his health chart.

(Photo: India Today)

The hospital has a large capacity for Covid beds, but as of now, 50 beds have been dedicated for Covid-19 patients, out of which around 32 beds are completely occupied. Each bed is a ventilator bed that has facilities like oxygen, a monitoring system and other necessary requirements.

Dr Khushboo, a senior resident doctor treating the patients at NCI Jhajjar, said that patients infected with Omicron are complaining of fever. However, she stated that the complexity level in any patient is not very high. “Every patient is under close observation for 24 hours by doctors,” she said.


The hospital also has a separate dedicated isolation ward for children. However, at present only one child is admitted, who is in a stable condition. The child’s father, Jitendra, said that he was suffering from a high fever when he was brought in earlier. But the child is completely healthy.

“Even after three to four days, the fever was not going away. In such a situation, the doctor advised a Covid-19 test. As soon as the result came out positive, we brought him here to the hospital. Here, the entire team of doctors took good care of him. The child has not received a single dose of the vaccine. In such a situation, doctors say that although the immunity of children is very strong, the vaccine always works as a protective shield,” the father said.


India Today spoke to those who got infected with Covid-19 in the third wave and are being treated at NCI Jhajjar. A patient named Meena said she was completely fine now and would be discharged from the hospital after a day.

Sharing her experience, Meena said that she faced a lot of trouble in the beginning. She was diagnosed with Covid-19 despite taking both doses of the vaccine.

“At first, I got a fever and later I started having a severe headache. After two days, there was no improvement in my condition and I was then admitted to the hospital. The doctors took care of us not only physically but also mentally,” she stated.

(Photo: India Today)

Dr Sushma Bhatnagar, chairperson of Covid services at NCI Jhajjar, said that after the first and second wave, patients are scared about getting hospitalised.

“In such a situation, it is necessary that we also do psychological counselling for them. All preparations have been completed at AIIMS (NCI), from beds to oxygen. But the challenges are huge for doctors at this time. That is why everyone is requested to follow basic Covid-19 protocols,” she said.

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