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CEO Radhika Gupta recommends a visit to this zoo.. from white tigers to electric cars, see why

Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund has in a video post on social media site X, formerly Twitter, praised the Delhi Zoo for its wide variety of species and infrastructure. “The best 80 rupees you can spend? Delhi Zoo,” Radhika Gupta posted late on October 17.

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“Spread over 100 acres with a wide variety of species – jaguars, white tigers, black bucks, ostriches, and many others – and now electric cars to take you around, this place is stunning. Among the best on many metrics, even when compared to global peers.,” she added. She further tagged the Delhi Zoo’s official X account, asking them to properly promote the space.

“@NzpDelhi Please market this gem. My family comes from Delhi and I lived here and visited many times, and yet never visited this place till now. Many of my family and friends from the city haven’t either, some don’t know it exists. #IncredibleIndia needs to be seen!” she said.

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Gupta also took time to note a comparison with the zoo in India’s financial capital adding: “On a different note, Mumbai Zoo and public infrastructure needs a serious upgrade.”

The replies to Gupta’s tweet included locals and Indians from across the country agreeing with Gupta and some also making suggestions for trips to Zoos in their own hometowns.

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User @BOMgirltweets said: “OK, now I need to go here once I’m back.” While user @cricbyo reminisced memories, “Went there about 10 years ago. Now will take my 3-year-old with me this time.”

Some others had suggestions. User @shubham_mundada wrote, “Pune zoo is also beautiful” and user @P_rowlock suggested, “If you are ever in #Indore, do visit the zoo there too, it is lovely.”

User @dtrips was more effusive in his recommendation: “Radhika, if you haven’t already, do go to the zoo in Mysuru too whenever you are there. The entire family of cats is there, and so are beautiful lions, and a wide variety of snakes. Wonder if the orangutan I saw some 10 years ago is still alive. It was quite a sight, struck a Kate Winslet-like pose in Titanic.”

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However, one user @narsihrahul also highlighted the criticisms regarding zoos, adding: “Keeping animals in cages is a cruelty for humanity’s fun. Stunning for us but how depressing for a carnivore who otherwise would roam in 40 square KM. Ethics goes out of the window.”

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