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After missing on evacuation, Afghan ‘dogs of war’ finally find new abode

After getting left behind in the infamous chaotic evacuations of the US from Afghanistan, dozens of dogs have found a new home and the handlers too.  

The dogs are being kept in a makeshift training centre at Kabul airport.   

As per the new handlers, most of these animals were used by American forces as sniffer dogs. They have been trained to unearth explosives.

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However, it is still unclear about who are the real owners of these dogs.   

They seem to be the remnants of the two-decade American intervention, which resulted in the hasty evacuation of the several Afghans and other people, who fled the country fearing the dreadful Taliban rule after it took over the country.    

The officials of the company, which is handling security at the airport, are taking care of these dogs at their training centre. They are feeding and training them as well.

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The centre is housed in two converted shipping containers separated by a weed-strewn strip of earth. It faces hangars that were used for US planes and military equipment.  

Handler Hewad Azizi, who works for the company, told AFP, “When I saw (the soldiers leaving) I went to save the dogs.”  

Soon, these dogs may be put to work as the airport gradually reopens.  

(With inputs from agencies) 

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