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Aakanksha Singh: I’m more conscious while working after reading about people getting Covid after vaccination

Actor Aakanksha Singh does get a little anxious reading about people testing positive for Covid-19 despite vaccination, and says it has made her more conscious about her surroundings.

“I am conscious and it’s really scary when we travel for work, and now we are reading about people getting Covid even after vaccination. I think (it reinforces) that we really need to be careful even though we have got out shots,” she says, adding, “You have to be very careful about your health, take precautions, use sanitizers. You just have to be a little cautious about your surroundings, you can’t do anything else”.

The actor, who has starred in the Kannada film Pailwaan (2019), and the Telugu film Malli Raava (2017), continues to straddle between different industries, from working on Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn-starrer Mayday to her Tamil debut Clap.

The 31-year-old shares, “It is really difficult when you are travelling from one city to another city these days. I am working mostly in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. So, despite taking all the precautions, it is really difficult when you go from one set to another set, since there are so many people around. You know you are taking your own precautions, but you never know. So it’s really scary”.

However, she feels grateful that at least she has work in hand. “Covid pandemic has hit so many people so hard, but I feel fortunate and lucky that I’m working. So I just want to do my work and take care of my health,” says the actor.

And Singh is glad that her work is getting noticed, and appreciated by stalwarts such as her Mayday co-star Big B. “It feels so encouraging to get appreciation from someone like Big B. It pushes you to work harder in your craft to make your craft better. Working with Big B was on my bucket list and it’s happening with me. I’m really lucky and grateful for that opportunity,” she signs off.

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