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660,000 jobs at risk amid UK’s green investment lag

An alarming study published on Saturday has revealed that up to 660,000 jobs will be at serious risk if the UK continues to fall behind other countries in the amount it invests in green infrastructure and jobs.

Coming just two months before Boris Johnson’s government hosts the United Nations Climate Conference, the report highlights that the impact on employment in the UK as a result of jobs moving “offshore” to countries in the vanguard of green investment and technology will be particularly acute in the UK’s industrial heartlands, Yorkshire and the Humber.

In separate research, it was found out that the UK is second from bottom in the league table of G7 economies for its record in investment in green investment and jobs.

This comes in despite Johnson’s claims to be a leading force in the race to save the planet from global warming.

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The UK Treasury is expected to invest only about £180 per person on green recovery and jobs over the next decade, whereas,

President Joe Biden plans to allocate more than £2,960 per person on a green recovery in the US.

Relative to population, the UK’s green recovery investment is just 24 per cent that of France, 21 per cent that of Canada, and 6 per cent that of the US.

As per the report, 79,000 jobs are at risk, as other countries race ahead in green development, in the UK rubber and plastic sector, 63,200 in the UK chemicals sector and 26,900 in iron and steel. 

In total it says that 260,000 manufacturing jobs could be at risk as well as 407,000 in supply chains.

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